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Exponential Value

Our solutions helps customers achieve ambitious business and environmental goals. With an unparalleled combination of science and service, we deliver exponential outcomes that benefit customer and communities. Fundamental to our approach is an understanding that real and lasting change is accelerated when economic and environmental benefits align delivering improved performance, operational efficiency and sustainable impact.

Delivering Exponential Value

We call this our eROISM outcome: the exponential value of improved performance, operational efficiency and sustainable impact.

Measurement is a critical component of our process to deliver exponential outcomes. Using our proprietary eROISM value approach, we measure our impact and quantify customers' return on investment.

We start with what matters most to our customers - performance - and link performance outcomes to environmental and social metrics and cost savings to demonstrate the triple-bottom-line benefits of sustainability.

How we use eROI to quantify and communicate Exponential Value

Our eROISM value approach measures what matters most to our customers:

  • Improved Performance: We help customers achieve system assurance and ensure clean, safe and healthy environments. We make sure these outcomes increase over time.
  • Operational Efficiency: We identify ways to improve efficiency and outcomes to ultimately reduce total cost of operations.
  • Sustainable Impact: We helps customers minimize impact on the environment to reach their sustainability goals. We measure the sustainable impact of our solutions against a set of sustainability indicators that align with customer key business drivers across a diverse set of industries.

How our icons communicate Customer Impact areas

  • Safety: We strive to create cleaner,?safer and healthier operating?environments for employees?and customers.
  • Water:?Our solutions conserve water?and optimize water quality.?
  • Energy:?We save energy by enabling?more efficient operations and help produce more energy by?uncovering oil and gas reserves.?
  • Air:?We manage greenhouse gas emissions and improve indoor air quality.?
  • Waste:?We help keep waste out?of landfills.
  • Assets:?Our programs and services improve?asset use and increase asset life.?
  • Costs:?Our solutions can help reduce the total cost of operations.
  • Productivity:?We help improve the productivity?of operations by saving time and?increasing efficiency.
  • Food Safety:?We help ensure safe food by?reducing the risk of illness-causing?pathogens.
  • Product Quality:?We help improve product quality.


Ecolab eROI In Action: Steel Mini Mill

An informational video that shows how Ecolab's eROI approach was utilized at a Steel Mini-Mill.

Ecolab eROI In-Action: Food Production Plan

An informational video that shows how Ecolab's eROI approach was utilized at a Food Production Plant.

Delivering on our Promise

Through eROISM outcomes, we quantify and communicate the exponential value of our solutions to customers and help customers measure progress toward their internal goals.

Simply put, eROISM is the outcome of doing business with us.

eROI Brochure

Delivering Exponential Value: Improved Performance, Operational Efficiency, Sustainable Impact.